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A Win-Win Opportunity for all….

Everyone can benefit from Building Commissioning-

  • Lower energy and maintenance costs. Save $ with quick payback on investment.
  • Reduced construction and operating costs.
  • Fewer change orders and construction delays.
  • Problems discovered early when they are less expensive to correct.
  • Fewer disputes between owners and contractors.
  • Fewer occupant complaints.
  • Improved indoor air quality and a comfortable building environment.
  • Safer buildings that have properly operating systems and,
  • A fully functional building when you are ready to occupy.  

Over the long run, you get a higher quality building that pays for itself and provides a better working environment.

"The commissioning process found problems that would have plagued the facility for years. Callbacks were minimal and they did not have to repeatedly fix the same problem because they were identified during the process."
-- Butch Slaughter, Former District Facilities Project Manager, Community Colleges of Spokane