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Our Approach To the Commissioning Process

Each project is unique and deserves special attention…

We recognize that every project is unique and deserves special attention.  The methods used to commission facilities will vary depending on the type of facility, the owner’s needs, the complexity of the systems, and the available budget.  At TESTCOMM, we thoroughly review each project and provide a formal plan review.  We work closely with the owner, the designer, and the contractor to create a commissioning team.  We feel that the interpersonal skills of the commissioning agent have a large influence on the success of the commissioning project.

During new building commissioning, our goal is to provide the greatest added value to the owner with the least impact on the project schedule.  To this end, we stay involved with the project throughout design and construction to find problems, coordinate with the team, build relationships, and offer resolutions before the problems impact the owner or the contractor.  During the warranty period we are available to return and assist in troubleshooting problems that may occur and, if necessary re-test and re-commission equipment.  Generally, TESTCOMM will return toward the end of the warranty period to re-examine systems and ensure the owner is satisfied with the performance of the building and equipment.

TESTCOMM strives to deliver a quality project and the best value for the building owner.