Proudly Serving Architects, Engineers, Contractors,
and Building Owners since 1996
--A Veteran Owned Business--

Core Purpose and Values

Service…Dedication…Teamwork...Quality…Lasting Relationships

TESTCOMM’s core purpose is to provide exceptional service by adding value to each project, identifying issues and presenting solutions, and by providing a knowledgeable, talented and competent staff with the tools and equipment to perform the job.

We do this through:

DEDICATON TO THE PROJECT-strong>TESTCOMM recognizes that each and every project is unique, depending on the type of facility, the owner’s needs, the complexity of the systems, and the available budget.  We review each project and work with a team to provide the most value with the least impact on the project schedule.  Within our abilities, TESTCOMM will do whatever is needed to “make it happen” for the owner.

TEAMWORK-Because each project is unique, we work together with the owner, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants to create an effective “commissioning team”.  This team works in concert through design, construction and post construction activities to insure the owner that he is getting the best value and the building will perform as designed.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL-Focusing on design intent and owner expectations, TESTCOMM performs a comprehensive review of projects to help identify issues before they become problems.  Working with the project team, we propose ideas which can result in better solutions for the owner.  Our constant focus is on delivering quality service through the project cycle and after the project is completed.

LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE->Buildings and relationships are supposed to last for a long time.  TESTCOMM strives to provide the most added-value for the building owner during the project, and build lasting positive relationships with owners, consultants and contractors.  We strive to become the long term provider of choice through consistently providing quality service and building lasting relationships. 

"Building relationships with the construction team members is crucial to the success of the process."

Jerry Ensminger, TESTCOMM LLC