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Commissioning- What sets us apart from the rest

The TESTCOMM Difference:

TESTCOMM incorporates several differences into our commissioning programs in order to provide the Owner added value in their projects and set us apart from other commissioning providers.

We treat each project individually- Many commissioning providers use "canned" forms and procedures to test and evaluate equipment performance- TESTCOMM takes the time to review specifications and submittals to glean information on the equipment and crafts testing to meet those specific requirements. Not all air handling units, for example, are the same. They each have different controls, configurations, and manufacturer's recommended procedures for starting the equipment and testing the sequences of operation. By building in the equipment's individual characteristics, we utilize procedures that meet the manufacturer's standards and Owner's expectations for testing and provide a thorough commissioning program ranging from individual pieces of equipment to complete mechanical and building systems.

We are involved throughout the project, from Development through the end of the warranty period- Many commissioning providers provide lip service to involvement in projects, handing out checklists for the contractors to fill out, and then showing up at the very end to do a bunch of tests. TESTCOMM is not one of those firms. We review construction documents and provide comments to the design team during the early phases of the project. During construction we are at the site to do observations as the systems are being installed so corrections can be made early, before they become major issues. We are there at equipment start up to insure manufacturer's procedures are followed and individual components function like they are supposed to. During functional testing, we test systems under actual operating conditions to make sure they provide the performance the Owner expects and we stay involved in the project for troubleshooting and consultation until the Owner's warranty period is over.

Communication is fundamental- As projects get more complex, open communication between all parties, including the consultants, contractors, Owner and Commissioning Authority is paramount. TESTCOMM fosters this concept by not only thoroughly documenting plans and the commissioning process, but we actually TALK to and work with the players during the project. We schedule key component coordination meetings, like for HVAC and lighting controls, to insure everyone is on the same page and systems will meet the Owner's requirements. We ask the questions that need answers during the construction process, work with the contractors face to face to insure compliance with the construction documents and performance of the systems. If a problem is encountered, we follow up to make sure they are resolved; and coordinate with the commissioning team to ensure the Owner's staff gets the training they need to operate their building after everyone else is gone.

Long term prospective- Many commissioning providers work project to project and don't develop lasting relationships with design consultants, General Contractors, Owners and Authorities Having Jurisdiction. TESTCOMM, over the years, has established a reputation for competency that enables us to be the commissioning provider of choice for their projects. By demonstrating this competency, TESTCOMM is often sought out by Owners and Architects to provide commissioning services on their projects on a repeat basis.